Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Fun - Another Giveaway!

Yup - back again already!  I just can't stay away when there's so much great stuff to win out there!  This one is for all the chocolate lovers (and you know who you are).  If you go here you can win a great prize from Shari's Berries!  Now, I haven't tried them yet but have heard from a few trusted sources that they are AMAZING!  Check it out for yourself - but hurry, the giveaway ends today!


I've decided, since I have been having so much fun learning all about making life beautiful for my guys without spending a lot of money (since, let's face it - most of us just don't have it), that I'm going to start posting my finds here so I can share the fun!

So, for my first post, I just HAD to link up to this giveaway over at A Giveaway Every Day.  How fantastic would it be to have a BIG canvas wall print of one of your favorite family photos?  It's even more fantastic if it is FREE!  Check it out, enter, and have fun dreaming where you would put it!

I'll be back later with more fun - right now my guys are calling.