Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Interview with MrCoupon!

A few days ago I posted about a great opportunity I had to interview Nathan Engels, aka MrCoupon.  If you are a fan of TLC's "Extreme Couponing", you may recognize him from there.  He is also the man behind (a site I have totally fallen in love with!).  I also had the chance to ask his mom a question as well - double the fun, folks!  This was my first interview opportunity, so I am thrilled to be able to share it with you!  Without further delay, here ya go!

How did you get into couponing?  My wife and I got married and realized we were deeply in debt.  So we cut up our credit cards and set a grocery budget.  In order to stretch our budget we looked to coupons to help us!
What is the reaction of friends and family members to your couponing and stockpiling?  They love it.  My friends joke they have the five finger discount when they come to our house!  They have five fingers and seems to leave with their fingers full LOL. 
What is your best couponing tip for new couponers?  I have really only have TWO!  I call them to two “O’s.  Online and Organization.  Both are super important.  Get online and get organized!
What is the one thing you would warn them against when starting out?  I actually made a video about that here:
I read in another interview you gave that a large portion of your purchases are donated - have you found that couponing allows you to give back to the community in other ways as well?  Sure we do many free coupon classes and raise awareness about debt and how it destroys people.  If you are curious about our TLC donations, check out these threads: and here

And for your mom:  Do you have any advice to other family / friends of couponers & stockpilers?
Get online!! Go to couponing sites & forums.  By using online coupon forums, like, you get thousands of other people helping you to find great deals!  Great preparation  = tons of savings!
Great tips for us all! If you haven't yet, definitely go check out - great tips for beginning couponers as well as the more experienced.  Not to mention great people and a lot of fabulous ideas to make your life a little more beautiful!

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