Monday, October 31, 2011

It's almost Christmas!

Ok, nobody panic.  I'm jumping the gun a little bit.  See, in our house we LOVE Christmas! Almost-husband & I are already planning, and I'm actually almost DONE shopping for Little Big Man.  Yup - pretty cool, huh?  So, along with planning to get our tree right after Thanksgiving, we are also already thinking about Christmas cards.  It will be our first OFFICIAL Christmas as a family (even though we consider ourselves to have been one for a while now), so I've been busy looking at cards.  Enter Shutterfly.  I fell in love with one (or a dozen) of their cards.  Almost-husband & I talked it over, he cast the deciding vote since I'm a bit indecisive sometimes - I wanted about 6 of them by the time I narrowed it down, and we have decided on our cards. 

So, imagine my delight when I found out that the wonderful ladies over at Real Moms Real Views are holding a giveaway!  Head over & check them out - you could win 25 (yup, that's right 25) free cards from Shutterfly!  There will be 3 winners, so you'll have a pretty good chance - check them out (and let them know you heard about it here!)

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